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Avimart is one of the trusted Global brand and leading exporter and supplier of fresh Onions,Potatoes and Grapes. Avimart is India based company established in 2019 and its promoter has vast experience in the field of agriculture and export/import. Avimart is also helping business developers around the world through marketing their products internationally.

We are based at Nasik ( India ), which is an Agricultural Hub of India and is the only place in India where 80 % of Grapes and Onions are exported.

Our Business


We are Nashik, India based company, involved in the export of agricultural products. We at Avimart export premium quality products that match international standards. Our main product range comprises of Indian Onions, Potato, Grapes and fresh vegetables. Total customer satisfaction is the main focus of the company.

We export red onions in a variety of sizes. We procure Indian Red Onions from well-known agriculturists and framers. The onions are organically cultivated without the use of any harmful pesticides and chemicals. We use mesh and jute bags to pack the onions. Our onions are wholesome, fresh and hygienically packed.

Fresh Vegetables ( Avimart Basket )

India is a land of retail democracy- hundreds of thousands of weekly haats and bazaars are located across the length and breadth of our country by people’s own self-organizational capacities. Retail in India has started with the concept of weekly markets, where all the traders gather at one big place to sell their products every week.

Our main focus is fresh produce like fruits and vegetables at a much lower price, but also speaks at length about our “farm-to-fork” theory. The idea is to source from farmers and sells directly to the consumer removing middlemen out of the way.

The old way to shop for vegetables: Go to the sabzi mandi in the morning or evening (to get fresh produce) and after elbowing your way through hordes of sweaty people and haggle with the vendor.

The new way to shop for vegetables: Order Fresh vegetables and fruit preferences and choices with quantity. Pay exactly the same price as the sabzi mandi. We will deliver the same either for a week or as specified in the order.

Today when most of the companies are busy in making profits by any means, we are focused to return this society, a part of what we have earned through this society. Following efforts of Avimart is aimed at benefiting the society making us socially responsible:

1) We aim at recruiting people from the underprivileged community in the society and planning to train and make them corporate ready.

2) Farming in India is highly fragmented and subject to harsh climatic conditions once harvested, it is very difficult to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. To secure high quality, Avimart is directly sourcing fresh agricultural produce from farmers through our collection centre.

3) Our aim is to provide a guaranteed market for the farmers’ produce and reduce their transportation costs. As we have adopted “farm to fork” theory which means we are procuring directly from the farmers thus offering them quite reasonable prices for their produce as now no intermediaries are involved.

4) Our aim is to provide fresh and healthy hygiene vegetables and fruits to customers without worrying of higher cost.

Our Vision

We are committed to offer best products at the most reasonable rates without compromising its quality. We are building the trust and creating value for every client. We have a strong customer focus which ensures the products to meet the International quality standards and prompt shipments. Our main aim is to provide a quality product to our quality buyer.

Our Mission

To grow as a sustainable supplier of agricultural produce and ensuring good agricultural practices, supply efficiency, quality production, efficient logistics and affordable prices.

Our Team

We have an organized and dedicated team, working continuously to meet expectations of our valued customers. Moreover, we have a team of highly skilled marketing, sales representatives, quality controllers and other experienced professionals. Their in-depth knowledge and profound experience have helped us serve the variegated needs of our clients.

Our Founders

Anil Tambe


Ashvini Markand